The Cookery Institute

What is our Philosophy?
Your world is a better place with better Cookery.

Food and Cookery are essential parts of our lives. The Institute was founded to promote the art and science of Cookery and we believe that Our World is a Better Place with Better Cookery. Whether you work in a restaurant, catering business or cook for family and friends, this online course will show you the basic principles, build your skills and develop your confidence to Start a new Career, Food Business or Cook like a Chef. 

Why Online?
The Institute developed the course for online delivery so that you don't need to attend, affording flexibility for completion at your own time and pace. Online delivery also offers easier access and affordability, helps the socially or geographically disadvantaged and also suits individuals who have other work or domestic commitments.

Whilst distance-learning programs have been available from a variety of providers, our Institute's Online Course comes with systems for timely interaction, quick turnarounds and interactive content. It is the only 100% Online Cookery Course. We have no semesters, you can start now and have 24/7 access.

Nobody is born a Chef. All you need is a great structured course. Enrol Now.

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