"Putting food on the table being so important I kept promising myself that one day I would invest in a cooking course. I always liked cooking but have always put it off due to the normal pressures of work and life in general. Finally, over last Xmas dinner (2012) my family paid for my course. They said they had researched what is available and what with my time pressure they recommended the cookery institute. The institute asks for reviews. So here is my review. It’s amazing how important it is to get the basics right and how cooking becomes a bigger joy. My family loves my food and there is no greater appreciation. Plus I have a qualification to start my own catering business when the young ones flee! And the tutor support was great! My only criticism is that there is a lot to cover but what would you expect from centuries of cooking development!"         Christine Grieves - Perth

      Course Feedback: "I undertook this course with very little expectation as to what I would learn. I have however been overwhelmingly surprised and delighted with the course. My knowledge has increased tenfold. I now know things about food that have made cooking and eating it more pleasurable. Pairing flavours and textures has become a hobby. I also understand the theory of many of the elements of cooking. And every time I cook I remember to season taste and adjust seasoning before serving. That in itself has improved the taste of my food……….tonight I will be doing my first shift at a catering company……and they asked for 14 Beef Wellingtons with a red wine jus. It was really nice knowing exactly what to do. The course was brilliant ……….my only disappointment is that there is no part 2. I have loved every minute of it." On Tutor feedback: "My Tutor has marked every one of my assignments timeously going above and beyond, marking them on weekends. Her guidance and encouragement have given me the inspiration and aspiration to embark on a career in cooking. Not only does she inspire encourage and guide but she also gives great advice. Her eye for detail is exceptional."        David Witkin, Perth WA

      I am glad you asked for a review as I thought it unusual for a bloke to do your course – not that I felt treated differently. I live in a remote small village (I’d like you to keep it confidential) so, you can imagine how I loved doing an online distance course as there are no cooking schools around here. Got to say I was a bit apprehensive about learning cookery without a practical training but, in fact doing each module at my own pace, without interference or distraction was great. Food is so important to our lives, everyone should do a cookery course. Thanks for making it easily available to everyone “at your own pace” to quote your site!”         Greg Byrne

      "A number of years ago I nearly enrolled to Ross’s cooking school but, at the time, I was working full time and upon reflection, felt that I didn’t have the necessary time to study any course and didn’t feel confident enough or have the finances to enrol and pursue my passion. I remembered Ross telling me that he was developing an online course. I was one of the first to “take the plunge” and as you have now asked for a review here it is: Basically, I have never looked back. My passion for what we have to do 3-4 times a day has grown and I love experimenting with different techniques and ethnic cuisines. My hobby is to now work out how different dishes are developed every time we go out for dinner. What a hobby! Recommend it to everyone. And my husband loves my new ethnic dishes. As for your course, I thoroughly recommend it. The quick turnaround in responses means your tutor/student ratios are very good.”         Heather Paul - Sydney

      "I always wanted to do a course in cooking. I just needed a course that could fit in to my busy lifestyle, working in the family business and running a busy household whilst bringing up a family. You course content & assessment sounded like exactly what I wanted and it proved right. I enjoyed the easy course access and the fact that I could complete it online in my own time really suited me. I have managed to complete it and get my qualification in 5 months, despite my busy schedule! I liked my tutor’s encouragement and quick turnaround and your Student Support were great. I particularly liked the constructive feedback rather than meaningless praise. As it happened, I actually looked forward to Ross’s (tutor) assessments. What I particularly liked is the growing confidence that comes with increasing knowledge. I also recommend the student trade deals for great bargains on the essentials."        Jane Armour - Armidale

      “Here is my review. I always fancied myself as a good cook and loved cooking. I had picked up all I knew from my mom, TV, You Tube and internet: a mishmash of techniques that sometimes did not work for me. Having lost my job, I reviewed my next life steps and decided to look into a career in cooking. Reviewed the internet as usual and I have to say your site info you provided was helpful and to the point. I have now completed your course, improved my techniques and have the confidence to make a career in cooking. I loved it. Watch out world, here I come.”         Kieran Fleck - Darwin

      Just want to tell you I have just got the job I wanted in a catering business and the owner used to be one of Ross's students!        Lana Wilson - Sydney

       “Here is my review: The assignments were challenging to say the least as well as rewarding. I enjoyed doing the practical bits but can understand the comprehensiveness of the knowledge bits. Never knew there was so much to cooking equipment and techniques. I am so glad I covered it all . My tutor was a great source of information and pointing me in the right direction. He was very quick at getting back to me. I also loved the trade deals for good quality equipment and wear as the good quality ones are expensive. And of course the discounts you offer to past students is really appreciated. I like your site’s Wisdom for tips which also keep in me in touch with what is happening. “         Lisa Lewis - Melbourne

      "My friend trained under Ross in Melbourne years ago and recommended his course. I finally have the qualification to turn my passion into a career. I used to source what I needed on the internet but your course has added structure and rationale. What I really like is that I can apply the knowledge to all cooking extensions including my favourite Mexican."         Maria Angelinos - Melbourne

      "I am glad you asked for a review because I think I have a different story. I started off as a kitchen hand and moved up in various restaurants but never seemed to get ahead. Every situation was like a dead end until I met one of your tutors - Wayne. I have just finished your course and guess what? My second employer has hired me as grill chef. Your course just brought everything together and the diploma gave me the qualification I needed to confirm what I can do. Just loved it and the beginner knife set is still going great!”         Susan Kelly - Brisbane

      I had so much fun becoming a better cook I didn't want the course to finish. Just been hired and so excited to impress with the course wisdoms.        Tina Todd - Melbourne

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