Is Attendance Required?

As a 100% online designed course there is no need to attend and you can do the course from anywhere. Even enrolment is online.

Do I need Experience or background in Cookery?

Every good cook or chef started with no experience. You don’t need any background in Cookery. The Modules have been designed to build your knowledge and skills and as you progress through the Modules your confidence will grow to start applying your creativity to planned dishes. Of course, any relevant experience will enable you to progress through the course faster.

Do I need any Computer Skills?

We don’t require any advanced computer skills. You only need access to a device that can download and open Word and PDF documents and upload files to your Assignments. We cater for Windows and Mac OS operating systems and all commonly available browsers such as: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera.

Do I need to Buy any Textbooks or other Resources to Complete the Course?

The essential tool for Cookery is of course the Knife. If you have suitable knives and access to a basic kitchen, there is nothing more to buy. All Course material is included in the Course fee.

I prefer to complete my study using Printed Paper resources. Is it possible to receive Printed Copies of the Course?

Yes, we can accommodate posting the Course material subject to a charge for postage and delivery. Just contact Student Support after Secure Student Login. However, we have found that printing and postage costs are prohibitive. You can downloand and print all Modules at home as required. 

Keep in mind that Assignments have been designed for submission through your secure Student Zone after login for access by your allocated Tutor and as an academic record of your progress through the Course.

When and How do I receive Login details to start my Course?

As soon as your enrolment is processed, our systems will generate your Login details to your Secure Student Zone. They include your Student ID, Username and Password. Login details are sent to the email address supplied by you for enrolment. If you haven’t automatically received your login details, just get in touch with Contact Us and our 24/7 Student Support will sort it out of you. Before you do so, just check your junk/spam folder to make sure your security walls did not redirect it.

When can I Start the Course?

You can start anytime. No need to wait for semester start dates. As soon as your enrolment is processed you will receive a Welcome letter with Login details to your Secure Student Zone to start immediately or, at your own pace.


How do I Communicate with my Tutor?

All Communication is Secure and done after Login to your secure Student Zone. Our systems are developed to show all your Historical Interaction with your Tutor.

How Long are the Assignments?

Assignments include Theory and Practical sections. Some are shorter than others but each one requires a minimum level of attainment and understanding of each Module’s material to demonstrate a minimum required standard of Competence in that Module's content.

How do I Submit my Assignments?

Just login to your secure Student Zone and click on Submit Assignment for Assessment. The submission allows for Word or PDF and photo or video files to be uploaded. You can use your phone or any computer device to take photos or video and our systems have been developed for easy file upload.

How long will it take for my Assignments to be Assessed and Marked?

Our Tutor systems are designed for Marking within 72 hours.

Can I redo an Assignment?

If you are not happy with your mark you may communicate with your Tutor to redo the Assignment as competence is more important than a minimum pass mark. If you are not happy with your allocated Tutor response you can submit a request for review through Student Resources for a review by the Institute’s Qualification Standards Board. Because our course has been developed for attainment of knowledge and a standard of practice there is a minimum attainment level for each Assignment.

Why can’t I just Email my Assignments to you?

We require submission through Student Secure Zone after Login to keep all your assignment history including communications in your secure zone. We have developed Secure Student Zones to comply with our Privacy Policy and align with our Tutor systems. It is easy to recover any Secure Student Zone Login details you may have mislaid through Student Support. However, if for any reason, you prefer to email your assignments as attachments, your Tutor will upload it and the assessment to make sure your student record includes all assignments and marks for review by the Qualification Standards Board.


How Long will my Course take?

The Course has been developed for completion in your own time and pace. From our experience, we recommend that you apply yourself on a regular basis to get the most out of the knowledge build up. We recommend that you complete the 13 Modules in 24 weeks but, we can accommodate extensions to suit your lifestyle and commitments. We strongly believe Your World, whether in a commercial or Home environment, is a Better World With Better Cookery so, we want everyone to qualify.

What is My Qualification?

There is no formal qualification leading to “Chef” or even “Cook” as, experience as well as qualifications are major factors in all Cookery positions. In some commercial kitchens the “Chef” is just the owner without any formal qualifications. Our Course concentrates on competence in all Cookery Methods derived from the science of what happens to the ingredients depending on the Cookery Method applied, as well as building relevant skills that you need for good competence. The areas of competence achieved are set out in our Qualification Certificate - see Course Guide. Commercial kitchen operators recognise our course and the course includes areas of competence that many Chefs test for potential employment.

When do I receive my Qualification? 

The Cookery Institute’s Qualification Board meets twice monthly to assess submissions from Tutors for qualification. You will receive your Certificate of Attainment & Membership straight after the twice monthly assessment by the Committee. You will also receive the coveted Cookery Institute Apron which only Cookery Institute qualified persons possess. You can also request a Certified Transcript of Academic Record for any future employer at any time.

For any other questions, please complete and submit the form below. Our staff will reply as soon as possible.

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