Course Outline

The Course comprises 13 Modules to build your knowledge and skills that will lead to your Cookery Institute's Certification of areas of Cookery Competence.

MODULE 01: Knives
The Knife is the most essential tool to get you to start your new career or cook like a Chef.
Module One, is designed to teach you all about knives. Not just basic knife skills but, how to choose knives, how to maintain them, how to store your knives, safety with knives, which knife to use for the appropriate food or cookery process and how to get the best use out your knives. With practise, your knife skills will boost your confidence to start your new career, food business or cook like a Chef.

MODULE 02: Cooking Equipment
The old adage "use the right tool for the right job" also applies to Cookery and the Institute’s philosophy on Cookery equipment and tools is based on the principle of “suitable for use”.
Module Two will introduce you to the variety of available and latest Cookery equipment. From the Mandolin to Sous Vide equipment, it will show you how to use the best equipment for any Cookery method. It will also introduce you to the different heat transfer methods for cooking food so that you develop what we call Cookery Awareness.

MODULE 03: Food Categories and Preparation
With passion for food you also need a commitment to ingredient quality as any dish is as good as its components, how it is prepared and cooked. This Module is all about ingredients to build your knowledge on:
  • The Different Food Categories;
  • How to Choose for best quality;
  • How to Store each food item to maintain quality and life, and
  • How to Prepare ingredients.
This Module also includes Health & Safety applicable to various ingredients and how to avoid health issues. With this knowledge you will develop your skills to select the most appropriate combination of ingredients to complement or contrast for planned food consumption events and set you up for the next Module.

MODULE 04: Planning the Menu
To cook like a Chef or start your new career you have to plan because as a wise chef once said: “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. This module will show you how to Devise the Menu, Source Recipes, Source Ingredients, Have the right Equipment in place; Dish Presentation for eye appeal and introduce you to our Workplan and Work Schedule to make sure the dishes for the planned food event are delivered how and when due for memorable food experiences. Leading on from Module 3, it introduces the basics of texture, flavour and eye appeal to apply to the Institute's recipe development principles of Choose It, Accompany It, Dress It, Show It and the related arts of Marinading, Seasoning and Finishing a dish. You can then start to build your Library of Workplans to perfect dishes each time you cook them.

MODULE 05: Steaming
Steaming is a favourite type of Cooking as it is low calorie, fat free and retains the nutritional value of the food. Steaming is one of the eleven principles of cooking. This Module will explain the Steaming process, the different methods of Steaming, suitable equipment for Steaming, the benefits of Steaming and the importance of safety when Steaming.

MODULE 06: Boiling & Poaching
Boiling and Poaching are other principles of cooking. This Module will explain the Boiling and Poaching processes, the different methods, suitable equipment, the benefits of Boiling & Poaching, the importance of safety and what foods are suitable for Boiling & Poaching.

MODULE 07: Simmering Stocks & Sauces
This Module will explain the difference between Boiling/Poaching and Simmering, the Simmering process, the Different Methods, available equipment, the benefits of Simmering, the importance of Safety and what foods are suitable for Simmering including the importance of Stocks - the hidden hero of most dishes. You will develop your knowledge and technique to make basic Stocks, how to extract maximum flavour for Stocks and what products are derived from Stocks including Sauce development with Thickening Agents to Base Sauces and Derivative Sauces to develop your Saucier skills.
As your knowledge and skill levels are boosted to new horizons, your confidence will grow to absorb the remaining principles of cooking and to start experimenting.

MODULE 08: Braising & Stewing (Slow Cooking)
These increasingly popular methods of cooking are other principles of cooking taking rough, tough and cheaper cuts of food to create wonderful tasty dishes. This Module will explain the difference and what equipment, benefits, safety and what foods are suitable for each cooking method. An important element of Braising and Stewing is browning and sealing. This module will explain the Maillard reaction and Caramelisation to build your knowledge and skills. It includes practical recipes to demonstrate the difference between the two cooking processes and the importance of browning and sealing to produce food with a combination, depth and complexity of flavours.

MODULE 09: Roasting
This Module will explain the cooking method of Roasting, the techniques and science of Deglazing and techniques for roasting "doneness". It includes the Institute's developed Roast Chicken recipe, a must for any student of Cookery to cook like a Chef or start your own food business or career. 

MODULE 10: Baking
Apart from Flavour and Texture elements common to all cooking methods, the Institute's approach to Baking introduces Structure as a unique element of Baking. The module includes detailed analysis of Ingredients for Baking and the science behind how they react and interact to produce Baking Products. With this knowledge, the module will demystify any misconceptions of how mysterious and complicated Baking is and show how straightforward and predictable the exact science of Baking can be. It includes good Baking technique and analyses all High and Low Temperature Baking Products including all types of pastries.

MODULE 11: Grilling
As another principle of cooking this very popular method is a favourite with most people and a must to start your new career or cook like a Chef. It is probably the first cooking method developed by man and has evolved over the ages with developed equipment just for Grilling. To achieve the best results with Grilled food you need to understand the Grilling process and suitable equipment to use. The Module includes Grilling techniques, equipment, techniques for assessing Grilling "doneness", and foods suitable for Grilling. It also explains best Barbecuing technique and how to get the most out of your BBQ which is becoming in restaurants as Charcoal Grilling.

MODULE 12: Frying
Another principle of cooking, this is also a method you must master to start your new career or cook like a Chef. This Module will demonstrate the different methods of frying, suitable equipment, the importance of Coatings for Frying and the different coatings and methods suitable for different foods. It will also show you how to cook perfect Omelettes, French or Country style - an often used test by employers to test your basic abilities.

MODULE 13: Food Presentation
Just knowing how to prepare professionally cooked food is not where your cooking skills should end. To start your new career or cook like a Chef you will need to learn how to present food that entices a consumption experience. This Module will show you the Art of Food Presentation and its four elements:
  • Placing the Food on the Plate (Plating)
  • Choice of Plates and Cutlery
  • Garnishes
  • Table Setting

MODULE 14: How to Start a Catering Business
This is an elective module not included for the award of the Institute's Certificate of Attainment & Membership. It is not included in the cost of the Course. There is an additional fee for this module and the fee includes the module and assessing of the assignment by our specialist tutor on catering businesses. It will explain some basic principles to build a successful catering business to ensure you have the right cash at the right time and more importantly not to run out of cash, including good marketing advice for the business. Contact Us for fee information for this Module.

As the Modules build your knowledge, skill levels and Cookery Awareness, so too your confidence will grow to apply your creativity and start your New Career, Food Business or Cook like a Chef. Your world will be a better world with better cooking.
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